Trying to get Zemismart ZM25EL into pairing mode…

Hi, I just bought a ZM25EL Zemismart “Smart Tubular Motor” with Zigbee for blinds. But I can’t work out how to get it into pairing mode.

These are the instructions:

IMG_1430 Medium

I have no idea what is meant by step #2’s, “Motor “Di” once” instruction. It looks like a button, but the device only has one button, the “setting button” mentioned in step #1.

IMG_1431 Medium

Does anyone know what’s meant?

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I’m looking for an answer to this also.

I’m pretty sure deCONZ just doesn’t support it (at least it did not at the time of my original post). I switched over to using Home Assistant, with ZHA (their Zigbee integration), but still using the Conbee II, just without deCONZ in between, and that’s been working perfectly since.

Thanks for responding! I am on Home Assistant ZHA. When I put the motor into pairing mode with the 3 button pushes it beeps and flashes three times then seems to drop out of pairing mode as the blue light goes out. There doesn’t seem to be enough time for ZHA to detect the motor. Is that all you did to pair or am I missing something?

Yes, that’s all I had to do. I actually just had a warranty replacement I paired two days ago and it just worked. You have the ZHA → Add Device screen up? There aren’t any other Zigbee controllers around in pairing mode that might be gobbling it up instead? You could try the factory reset (5 quick presses).

I do have an Aqara zigbee hub also. I’ll turn it off and try again just to see if that is it. I use the Aqara hub for my blinds that have the chain motor. Thanks for the tip on the reset. I want the tube motor to pair with my Conbee II.

You are a gem! Thanks for your advice. I reset the motor, turned off the Aqara hub, set the tube motor to pair, told ZHA to go look and bingo. Set up and working. Now to do the install in my blind. Thank you for helping out!

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All done. Had to trim a little off the locks that hold it in the blind tube and found the set “C” button in the battery compartment (for the benefit of future readers).

Looks like there is no entity for a battery in Home Assistant ZHA which is a bit of a shame. It’s handy to get a notification to charge before it actually stop working.

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