Trouble adding switch

Hi, I need a little help learning how to troubleshoot deconz to figure out why I can’t add a switch. I have a Zigbee Smart Switch I got on Amazon and it says the brand is “Amaker”. When I try to add it via the Phoscon App, I select “Switch” and “Other” as the brand. I put it in discovery mode and the POhoscon App times out after 3 minutes every time I try.

I noticed in deConz that it appears to see the switch. I see it listed in the Node List as an “On/Off plug-in unit 2” and it shows in the neighbor links graphic with a yellow connection to the “Configuration tool 1” node.

I tried looking at the debug logs, but I don’t know which logging options I should turn on and I’m not really sure what to look for in the resulting output.

Hello, probably a tuya one

If you have deconz running, can you show at least the cluster list and the manufacture name ?

My apologies, I’m a novice when it comes to zigbee, so not sure if I’m supplying what you’re requesting or not. When I click on the Cluster Info tab, it says no cluster is selected and I don’t see anyplace where I can select one.

Here’s what I see in the node list and neighbors links…

Some explanation here

Just a comment, your network realy need routers, you will probably need to delete some end devices, include the switch and re include sensors (Xiaomi/aqara doesn’t move naturally in the network)

BTW as the name is “On/Off plug-in unit 2” it mean the device is reconized by the api, and as it s a wired switch you will be able to see it in “light” section.

Thank you for the info!! I hadn’t noticed that the switch did indeed show up in the Lights section. I’m going to get some repeaters to add to my network based on your recommendation.