Trouble adding Ikea Styrbar switch

Hello All,

I’m not the most advanced user, so probably I’m missing something crucial here. I have a raspberry installation with a Conbee 2 stick and can’t link my IKEA STYBAR switch I just bought today

From the web interface it reads:

Version 2.05.74 / 25-2-2020
Firmware 26780700

The firmware I updated via my windows pc using GFFlasher, so I believe this should be the latest firmware. However, the version still shows something from 2020, are these not related? This is may be the Phoscon app version?

I see that the latest version is 2.17.1, but on the web app it reads “This version is up to date”.

So I’m confused if the issues I’m seeing here are related to an outdated firmware/software version, or something else.

I tried pressing the link button 5 times fast (led blinks than stays on for a while and goes off again), while on the webinterface the “OTHER” option is used to link it. Nothing is found after the 3 min timeout. I tried about 20-30 times, no success. I’ve added many AQARA switches with the same method with 0 problems. I’m completely stuck at this point and no idea what to try next…

When I connect to my Conbee stick I do this by entering the raspberry IP adress in a webbrowser. If I use Phoscon App
I get a webpage to which I can’t log in. It also shows a different logo (not the USB stick logo but more like a pocket drive logo). When I try to reset the password It reads that I need to do this within 10 minutes from power cycling which I tried multiple times with 0 success.

Update: when I plug in the CONBEE 2 stick in my windows pc with the latest Deconz version it reads:

Version 2.17.01 / 1-7-2022
Firmware 26780700

So the firmware is the same but the version is newer. When I try to add the STYRBAR remote when it is plugged into windows it works first time…

You need to update deconz on the old version you are running.