TRÅDFRI remote control + TRADFRI bulb E27 WS globe opal 1055lm color temperature issue

I bought a new TRADFRIbulbE27WSglobeopal1055lm bulb, everything is ok from the phoscon app for this bulb, when I set a cold color on the bulb it is well applied, the same for the hot color.
unfortunately when I assign the action to change color temperature on the TRÅDFRI remote control buttons, both left and right buttons (assigned to lower and higher color temperature) are doing the same on the bulb, they are both changing the color temperature to hotter.
A Philips bulb is assigned to the same lights group and this one works as it should, so when I press the left button of the remote control asking to lower the temperature, one buld is becoming colder while the other one is becoming hotter.
Am I missing something, what could I do to be able to have the color temperature working in both directions for this bulb, what kind of log could I add to this thread?
Thank you in advance for your help

Any idea or solution?
I posted the same some weeks ago on github
I was answered to post the message on the forum and that there could be already some reports with scenes and ikea but I did not find any.
Thanks for your support


Which deCONZ version is running at your setup? There are bugfixes for the Tradfri remote in our last 2.14.0 beta.
The latest firmware for the Tradfri devices causes multiple issues, so we have to troubleshoot.

Hello, thank you both for your answers.
I’m running 2.13.04, bulb fw is 1.0.012.
if you need other information or tests (if I’m able to run them :wink: ) it will be with pleasure.

unfortunately I’m now on 2.14 but the behavior is still the same.
do you have any idea how to solve this issue?
Thank you for your help

I still have the issue even if since my first post there were several deCONZ upgrades.
I unconfigured the bulb this morning and add it back again but the issue still persist.
I also confirmed this bulb is already at the latest fw level from ikea.
is there anything more I could provide which could help identifying the issue? or maybe a better location to ask for help?