Trådfri open/close switch with FW 2.3.079 fails to pair with blind


Bought a TREDANSEN (edit: applies to FYRTURs as well) block-out cellul blind 3 weeks back.
Could not associate open/close switch that came with it in the Old WEB App.
Showed up, but local control did not work. Deleted/re-included, factory reset several times.
Tested on both 2.18.02 & 2.22.00
Button event in REST API Ok.
Then I noticed the new switch had FW 2.3.079
I had an older open/close switch with FW 2.2.010 laying around, at that worked fine on the first try.

Please advice on any further info needed.

Can you tell me your Gateway Firmware and deCONZ Version please.

It’s a Conbee Classic (I) on 0x26400500. Plugged into a powered USB HUB.
As stated, I tested on both 2.18.02 and 2.22.00

Also mentioned here: IKEA Tradfri Open/Close Remote E1766 - Stopped Working · Issue #6950 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

See other posts from people that have tried the Bind Dropbox without success.
Will try it myself over the weekend …

Use the Bind Dropbox.
Bind remote 0x0102 Window Covering (as Source) with blind 0x0102 Window Covering (as Destination) cluster:


Now both the switch with the older firmware and the one with the new both control the same blind.

ToDo: try setting up a group of blinds and bind it to the switch with the new firmware.

Thnx for getting back with the solution!