TRÅDFRI GU10 345 cant connect

Hey I have the lamps at my home and of course later noticed that they are not officially supported by the ConBee ll. Is there a way to connect them anyway or does anyone have an idea how to connect the lamp to Home Assistant?

Any lights should work. So this one too.

Can you share some logs while pairing? In #deconz you can find out how.

Sure. Here the Logs while pairing.


There’s no indication of a new device. Are you sure the bulb is in pairing mode?

While searching for lamps, I have to turn them off and on once so that they are in connection mode, or’?

No, 6 times untill they blink (iirc).

Still no light found.

Did the device blink?

like here How to reset a TRÅDFRI light bulb - YouTube

Yes they have. I have done exactly as in the video. Then the lights blinked but were not found. Will probably try it with Zigbee2MQTT.

It 's your first device ?
If yes are you using USb extension cable ?