[tradfri] color change via dimmer doesn not work when cooling


I’m not sure, wether this is the right category.

My setup: raspberry Pi 3B with the Conbee II running openHAB (nothing configured there, yet) and phoscon.

I successfully coupled:

  • switches:
    TRÅDFRI Fernbedienung
    Philips Dimmschalter

  • lights:
    IKEA of Sweden TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 1000lm
    Philips LWB010
    LEDVANCE Tibea TW Z3

My problem is, that I can change to color temperature of the ikea and ledvance lights using the webinterface (phoscon) and almost all ways using the TRADFRI switch.

But: I cannot change the color to “cooler” with the TRADFRI switch! Warmer works fine, though!
I can see the buttons being pressed in the web interface (the button blinks) - but it won’t change its color!

Does anybody have any idea, why it is behaving this strange only for the “cooling” behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

Are you already on the latest versions?
deCONZ 2.14.1
firmware 26720700


sorry for the delay.

I’m on:
2.14.01 / 6.2.2022 26660700
and there’s no upgrade of the firmware offered.


Was this configured in the Phoscon App switch editor? It was tested a weeks ago and shouldn’t have changed :thinking:

If the switch is connected to the lights via the old webinterface the side buttons likely won’t work since the remote sends some non standard commands on these and lights (Ikea only) need to have certain scenes and groups configured for that to work.


I didn’t use any app. Only the webinterface (http://my_local_ip/pwa)…

The system itself is openhabian on a Raspberry 3B.

Should I use the online webapp, instead? What would be the instructions? Removing everything and re-integrating all components?

Thanks for your attention,

Same problem here. See also the archived issue on github.

Is there already an fix available?