Touchlink and Phoscon functionality on the same switch

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just something that’s not supported/possible, but here goes:

I am running a raspberry pi 4 with a Raspbee I, and I have a number of wall switches (remotes) and dimmer modules that are added to the Raspbee network. One of the pro’s of Zigbee is that these can be linked together directly so there is no single point of failure. This works out fine. I also have a number of remotes that I linked to lights using the Phoscon app, which also works fine albeit a bit slow (1s delay). Now I have some wall switches that have some buttons left unused. I want to use these for additional functionality. For example: I have one at the backdoor which I want to use to switch off all the lighting in the house. This unfortunately does not happen. I tried different things:

  • Use the turn off all functionality in the app
  • Create a group with all lights in it and add the switch to that group
  • Couple the switch to a group with a single light

None of these have any effect though. Pressing the buttons doesn’t yield any result. Is it possible that these wall switches go into a different state when they are linked directly to lights? To be clear: these are Sunricher (OEM) remotes/switches and dimmer modules. They are not explicitly supported, though, as stated, they do work up to a point.

Thanks in advance,


It sounds like you combine switch groups and switch editor. For each switch, only one of the two functions may be used.

You can see if you have switches with switch groups when you see them at Phoscon App > Help > API Information > Groups > Switch Groups. In this output you see a “device membership” and for “lights” a number of lights of you use the switch groups.

I see. So would it be possible for me to modify this list of lights without touchlink? Because that would be a bit inconvenient, having to pull open every light fixture and wall socket to link up a switch.