Too rare sensor readings since upgrading deconz from 2.12.06 -> 2.17.1

Hello all,
I am using the ConBee II stick on a Raspberry Pi 4b (4GB) with 64bit Raspbian and it worked beautifully, getting ~hourly readings from my Xiaomi Aqara sensors scattered through the house and everything was fine.

On the evening of 2022-07-01, I upgraded deconz to 2.17.1, and now I only get very irregular readings, with long pauses in between, by far not frequent enough to deduct anything sensible. The time when this change happened can be seen exactly on the Grafana plot below, nothing else changed that night.

The strange thing is, one of the sensors (weather) still reports its data frequently enough to draw a line in Grafana. But it is not the one closest to the Zigbee sensor!

All sensors have fairly new batteries (all >90%). What can be the cause for this, did anything change in the way that Deconz requests data from these sensors? Maybe hysteresis settings (= not noticing small changes any more)?

Thank you for any feedback!
Also, I’d like to know where I can download 2.12.06 or .07 so I can double check whether a downgrade would bring back the old behaviour. I use APT so I don’t have a downloaded package unfortunately.

For raspbian you can find all version here Index of /raspbian/beta/ but not sure it’s for 64 bits (take a look in parent folder)

For your issue, idk if you are talking about Xiaomi/Aqara sensors (old one), the reporting is coded in the firmware and can’t be modified.

unfortunately this archive does not contain the right version / architecture for Raspi 64bit systems. I would like to downgrade, but my APT points me to “”, which is not browseable, and “apt list --all-versions deconz” only lists the most current one.

How can I get hold of a previous release of deconz and downgrade, without having to roll back my whole system to the backup of 3 weeks ago?

Any Phoscon employees here which can access old releases?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

And here it s not for ARM 64 ?

For me the same issue after upgrading to 6.14.1 in combination with home assistant core 2022.3.2 and HA OS 7.4.

Could there be a change in roundoff of numbers? I use home assistant and that requires a change of value before registering a sensor change.

Which deconz version is this? Home assistant has different versions for the addon.

Ah sorry. It is version 2.16.01, date 21-04-2022, firmware 26330500 (when of relevance).

Came from version 2.14.1