Timezones reversed


I recently got setup of lights and some sensors to start playing with home automation and the ConBee 2, set it up using the prebuilt image for raspberry pi with headless setup.

After it was all set up and GUI available i started playing with scenes and timers to test dimming and so on. Then i wanted to set up a schedule for waking up and when i roughly go to bed. To test this i first set an time 1 minute in the future and it didnt work, i then set it to 5 minutes in the future, again didnt work.

After a lot of troubleshooting i looked at the time settings on the PI and they are good. Getting current time reported by date.
Then when i clicked arround in the gateway gui i noticed that even tho gateway said GMT+1 it gave me a time that was off by about 2 hours.
My next test was to set it to +2 and i now noticed that it actually went another hour backwards!
I then quickly tried setting it to +3 and same again. Yet another hour backwards.
Then when i set it to -1 i actually got the time of my timezone of GMT+1. so it appears the timezone offset is reversed to what it should be!

I am running latest release of headless available on the webpage and updated in the gateway GUI to the latest release of the GW firmware prior to setting anything up so i dont know if i had the issue out of the box or if an update caused this.

Attaching some images in same sequence as tests to illustrate the issue at hand.
(had to edit them together hastily as i can only upload one image as a newcommer)