Tighter websockets?

I realized that the websockets port was world-accessible; i.e. since the machine I put the Conbee II in is connected to the internet, everyone on the planet could listen on that websocket port. What workarounds do y’all have for this? (Short of buying an entirely new computer just to keep on the lan :cold_sweat:)

I really only need to listen to them locally i.e. the process listeing to the socket is gonna be running on the same machine that the Conbee II is on.

Hello, and if you just not open your websocket port to the outside ? On my side it’s the defaut working mode.
If you realy need to open the one you use, you can select another one.

What do you mean by “the machine is connected to the internet”?
Did you open port 80 and port 443 and forward those directly to your machine?
Or do you mean that your machine has a local IP behind a NAT router?