Thread Standard


I have a short question. Will the raspbee2 and conbee2 support the new Thread Standard?

Thank you

I’ve remembered some discussion on github about this

Thank you for your feedback. This means with the new version 2 could be Thread possible right?

I am not sure what you mean with “the new version 2”.

Sorry, I mean RaspBee 2 and ConBee 2.

Our developers observe this new topic with interest and check the possibilities of integration for the ConBee II and RaspBee II // deCONZ

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Hi Gautama,

Oh okay, thank you. That’s a great support. I‘m looking forward to this.
I currently have a Raspbee 1 and was thinking if the Zugrestaurant would be worth it, because my current system is running perfekt. But with thread support I would definitely upgrade.

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In the end, the thread does what the deconz has been doing for a long time, namely, to bring all the products together in one network.
I think in a few years zigbee will be forgotten!
Many manufacturers claim that they will not abandon zigbee for their products but I think the market will force them quickly.

From a marketing point of view, I urge deconz to quickly build the project and start selling a borderline router type raspberry + conbee because in the future it will be full of border routers.

Information on the status of Thread integration is now available here: