Third reality power monitoring not showing up

Hey, I have a third reality power monitoring plug ( that is in phoscon. I’ve integrated it before with other services and it shows power monitoring. However, via the conbee/deconz, I do not see any options for reading consumption. How can this get added? Is there a way for me to use a feature request? I tried checking the rest api via nodered and I don’t think it’s showing up there either.

I have checked fastly and haven’t see this device.
You need a DDF can you give me the model id and the manufacture name, for a provide you a DDF to test ?

Will try to get you that when I get home. What’s a DDF? Also, is there anything from deconz that it would be helpful for me to show you?

I think that would be great to stick to this issue request : Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


Vendor: Third Reality, Inc
Model: 3RSP02028BZ

I will try submitting a request and linking here

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I will try submitting a request and linking here

Nice, thx, will be fast.

Can mimic an other plug, they are all same.

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