Thermostats that work with deCONZ and are actually available?

OK, I want to add a few theromstats to some radiators unsing deCONZ. So I looked on the supported devices list on Github.

Afterwards I thought about buying the Eurotronic Spirit ZigBee or the Danfoss Ally. But looking at the German price comparison portal Geizhals none of the two is really available for buying.

The only one that seems to be readily available is the one by Bosch.

Has anybody got this one working with deCONZ?

Or is there another one on the list from Geizhals that somebody has working with deCONZ?

Moving this to advice as its better there :slight_smile:

May you take a look on the Popp Ally derivate. It is available right now for example from Hornbach.
I have several in use now and they are working flawless.

May you take a look on the Popp Ally derivate.

… being the Danfoss Ally :joy:

You mean this one on Hornbach’s homepage?



I run deconz app as a container on a synology NAS. Conbee II stick is plugged in and works fine. I could link a Danfoss Ally thermostat and operate it at Openhab. But with the same typ different brand (Popp), I run into trouble. The device gets linked to deconz but its not shown in the app. What can I do? Thanks for help
regards Wolf