Thermostats on the wall

Has anyone got experience with thermostats and deconz?

I mean the actual controller for the heating system that it’s on the wall (not the devices that goes on the actual heaters, which I believe are called TRV).

For example (random picture):

Has anyone tried any of these devices with deconz? I am looking to buy one so I can control everything through HA-deconz.


I think i only saw this one:

thanks @Mimiix

from this list (not sure how official it is) there are a few: Database of Zigbee devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZiGate and ioBroker

but wanted to hear if anyone has some hands on experience

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After some more research, I bought a SMaBiT AV2010/32 (also branded Bitron 902010/32).

I liked the minimal design as I planned HA/deconz to control everything, so don’t want any real functionality on the thermostat itself.

Wondering now if I could have bought just a simple relay with zigbee instead of this… :thinking: but I’d need to start a new investigation on smart relay and prefer to avoid now :smiley:

Anyway I will report back on how this goes.

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Arrived today, mounted in 30 mins, configured in another 30 mins, everything went smoothly, now I have a smart heating, amazing!

I set up 4 automatons:

  1. starting the heating in the morning, at what time is chosen also depending also on my google calendar
  2. stopping at night
  3. stopping if everyone leaves the house
  4. starting if anyone enters the house

Too easy to be true, I now wait for the first problems :slight_smile:

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I found out that this wall thermostat supports also weekly scheduling, but cannot be set with the manual buttons, needs to be set through zigbee. No idea how to do this but currently I am not interested in this feature.

Found out on a document found online, this document seems official but cannot be found on the official website. Unfortunately I cannot add PDFs in this forum, so sharing here my personal copy: SMaBiT.AV2010-32.Technical.Manual.pdf - Google Drive

To note also that this thermostat supports only “cold”, “heat” and “off” states, and no “auto” state, that the HA thermostat has. This was getting me confused as setting it to auto in HA did nothing, but when set to “heat” and back to “auto” seemed to work. In reality it was ignored. The “heat” state of this thermostat basically means “heat auto”, as it stop when it reaches the temperature and start again when it goes below the temperature (with a default threshold of 0.25’C, as reported in the above manual, that is also configurable through zigbee, not manually).

The display is a bit crap, if you change the angle a bit you cannot see anything. Not that there’s much to show, there’s only the temperature and if it’s on or off. For the technology it is, I think it’s also a bit overpriced, payed 81 euros a few days ago, today 95 euros on amazon. (20% increase in a few days! :open_mouth: )