Thank you! Just Thank you

If this post is wrong in here, please move.
In didn’t found an category which suits such a post.

For me it’s time to move on (other ZigBee coordinator + hardware/software).

The only reason for this post is: thank you, thank you for all the effort is going into this, all the community members which are contributing, posting, … Keeping this alive. All of you.

I was stumbled across deconz a few years back when I was searching for an hue bridge replacement (because of the stupid 50x devices limit). Deconz and conbee II has suited this needs and worked great.

Maybe we see us on other parts of the smarthome world.

Bye pOpY



I fully agree with this post and want to join saying thanks!

Just of curiosity, what will you use in the future and, if the question is allowed, why did you move on?

Best regards,

We only require posts to be civil and respectful, so no comme ta from my side🙂

Sure. My Smarthome journey started with some 433 MHz plugs and RPI Control software (rather unknown one) years ago. Followed by fhem + deconz and now HA. I moved my ZigBee setup to Z2M + sonoff dongle-p.

The reasons (please any of the devs, don’t get it wrong). That are really my personal reasons and I don’t want to blame anybody or anything:

  • GUI (deconz is not as easy to work from an tablet/Smartphone with VNC). Also with phoscon, you cannot configure or even see any device on the network)

  • OTAs (they mostly just work on Z2M)

  • Integration in HA

  • Just play with something new :grimacing:

As said above, just my personal thoughts.
I made that decision to have a better admin experience. Sadly, we all have real life besides our hobby :wink::partying_face:

@Mimiix i hope you stay civil and respectful! As I am.

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Funny, I just integrated zigbee into my Homeseer setup because of a ikea led strip with seperaat motion sensor.
When searching for a zigbee gateway, controller I found raspbee and so deconz.

Mostly Homeseer is in control but for the motionsensor/led strip combi I use deconz and it’s working great after I had a steep learning curve.

Sonoff is al to a interesting product, perhaps in the future for garden irrigation.

Any particular feedback on the integration?

The integration works fine. Nice to have on Z2M is the OTAs are showing up in HA. But here deconz itself needs some love on the OTA side :wink:

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Ok thanks