Switch is added as a light


i have a switch from Lidl (Silver Crest Smart Button, IAN 377680_2101-SSBM A1) here, and it is added to Phoscon as a light.

How can i change that ?

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You can’t. Phoscon needs to implement that.

The API will probably expose it correctly.

You have not it in “sensor” and in “light” ?
Or it don’t working ATM because of the wrong type. Battery device need to be added in deconz to work, and after a fast search your is not inside.
For me you can make a device request.

Indeed, doesn’t seem supported.

Please open a issue:

Make sure to follow the template correctly and add all information.

Thanks at all for the answers.

I thought Zigbee is a well defined protocol, so that devices can be identified and used just by reading its descriptors. So, why they must be added explicitly to the system ?

Whatever, i just need a working switch to control my lamp. Maybe you know an affordable one that is supported ?

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Adding it shouldn’t be hard.

Zigbee is such a system, but not every manufacturer sticks to it. That’s why all needed to be added.

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There is some standard, it s for that most of powered device are supported natively.
But sensor are too “random”
So if you buy a new plug the on/off will be native but not the power consumption.

You can travel on issue to find a switch natively supported, but it s more complicated.

  • wich one brand
  • how many gang
  • integrable in wall
  • mobile
  • direct bind support
  • some model are country reserved.

But like have said Mimixx some devices are easy and fasr to integrate with DDF.
like this one (it s a tuya too) Followup LIDL/Silvercrest door bell (HG06668) by manup · Pull Request #6073 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Can make a search on the github with the manufacture name TZ3000_… you can found information about this device, you can not be the first one with it.