Switch and lamp groups when deconz or conbee not working

Hi all,

since i couldn’t find a clear answer. I am used with my current zigbee gateway( Ikea) that switches and lamp groups will work even if the zigbee gateway is down for whatever reason.

Now i have created below config with 1 aqara h1 double rocker switch and 3 tradfri lamps.

Everything works fine if deconz is running. But when i pull the plug or shutdown the docker. I expect that the grouped devices should still work. Is that a wrong assumption (since it doesn’t work :slight_smile: )

It’s possible with a bit fiddling, but unfortunately due recent firmware changes for the Ikea switches the groupcast feature, which makes this work, doesn’t work anymore. We haven’t found a solution yet.

For the older firmware you could put the lights into the same group as is shown for the config.group attribute of the switch in the REST-API output.

Thanks for the answer. I was indeed fiddling around yesterday and found out about the group functionality, the rabit hole goes deep when you can’t find the specifics :slight_smile:.

so just to be sure. if a device was supporting Zigbee groups, they might be working again in te future?

Hopefully Ikea brings this back with a future firmware update. Under the hood this is called a Zigbee binding which can be setup by a coordinator and tells the switch to which group it should send its commands.