Support for ikea tradfri shortcut button

Hey everyone.

i researched a bit about the ikea shortcut button. It seems like it was possible to add via Phoscon App a while a go.

currently I’m not able to add the button via phoscon. The “tradfi shortcut button” is missing in beta and production. I tried to add it as On/Off but if so added there are no events/updates.

I’m talking about his shortcut button:

Do I miss something? I’m on 2.13.4

thanks for the help

I’m in the same version and i’ve got five of them which work very well

Did you add them at that Version?

If so, how did you add them? Via pwabeta?

Yes I add one with this version. In phoscon in the stable version.

What ikea remote did you select? If I try to connect a new one, the only one I can select are the following:

I selecte “Other”

You should only choose a specific switch if you have exaclty the one it showed otherwise choose “others”. The Ikea shortcut button is visible at Phoscon App > Help > API information and also in the Phoscon App Beta: Phoscon App. You don’t need to install it separately, you can access Phoscon App and Phoscon App Beta variable.

Okay, I read somewhere that the shortcut was visible via “ikea” maybe it was just with other.

Anyways I already tried to connect via other, but I did not get any events and I’m not able to connect the switch to a group, there is just no button I can select.

I do have a second switch, I will try to connect it in the evening and come back to you…

Via beta the switch is not visible at ikea… So I will use other with the second one.

Can you share some deCONZ logs while pairing?

Do you use firmware 26720700 beside your deCONZ 2.13.4?

Yes, I do.