Status of new device adds?

I’ve had a couple of device requests in for a bit, and I’m just curious about how they are going to be done moving forward. It seems that the additions have slowed down a bit compared to previous versions. Is this because the devs are waiting for the DDF system to be developed more? It would make sense to me if that is what we’re waiting for. Mine are nothing I can’t live without for awhile.

Yep, I don’t know all the story/dates, but to make to make short, all devices will be removed soon from code to be added to DDF, so new additions are blocked/slow down

Some devices need C++ code, some others are just clones and will not need C++ modifications with DDF.

So ATM we are trying to make all futures additions using DDF, it start to work for some of them. But DDF is still beta, and deconz is not yet ready for full using DDF.

Very cool. I’ll definitely take a better/more stable way to get devices added if in exchange it means I have to wait a bit to have mine added. Thanks!

Can try with DDF, what are your devices ?
If it s plug/covering, it can work for exemple, if it’s tuya TRV, huuuu, will take lot of more time.

I’ve got 2 requests in now. Over in Issue in Github and listed here in Device Requests per the instructions.

One is a Tuya RGBW LED Strip controller that I expect will need some extra effort because it is Tuya.

The other is a neat little motion sensor that uses standard AAA batteries. I bought it to see if it would work. I like the idea of standard batteries since we always have them around.


I wanted to reply yesterday, but now I’m on pc so i can answer a bit more elaborate.

The current situation is a bit odd. Manup decided to have the DDF’s implemented in a regular version, but that ended up being more complicated then expected. The development takes longer than expected and there is ( i think) more stuff going on at DE at this moment. This now causes a longer release cycle (as you’ve noticed) and it makes it a bit harder for devs to implement stuff. But what you probably also noticed , is that some device additions come trough. That’s mostly due to it being Tuya.
Tuya needs a bit more “customization” in deCONZ to make them work because they tend not to stick to the Zigbee spec. Therefore, integrating them in the current code requires more modifications. That being said, this also proves them to be a challenge to make them work with the DDF’s and thus causing delays. On top of that, Manup is the only person working on this.

Currently, Manup is making something to make the DDF’s work with switches/buttons and also a special mode for Xiaomi/Tuya. Until those are ready, it doesn’t make sense to add them in the code prior that point as you are kinda juggling. I am trying to get a ETA on them, but i can’t get a real answer as it is really unpredictable.

The above answer doesn’t really help i suppose. But what i can try, is see if i can get your requests merged. Can you provide me with the PR’s?

It’s still issue “device request”, I remember the LED strip and yes this one need work (the devices is working but need hacks), for the second one it s perhpas a classic sensor.

@Smanar thanks, I saw your reply in GitHub. I’ll get you the cluster list asap.

@Mimiix no worries, I had a feeling things were held up while waiting for the new method. If that means eventually a more efficient way to add new devices in the future and more new devices can be added, that is fantastic.

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