Specific scene does not work


below find my phoscon-setup:

  • Conbee III with Firmwareversion 264D0900 running on
  • Raspberry 4 via Docker

I have the following Light and Switch

  • EGLO connect.z Smart-Home LED-light

I’ve setup both in out bathroom. I’m using the SONOFF switch to control a small fan. Both are working fine. Now, i wanted to setup some scenes, to have

  • different light temperature and brightness for a specific daytime
  • control the fan (no fan during the night)

I have the following senes

  • Morning (high brightness, cold-temp, fan on)
  • Day (high brightness, warm-temp, fan on)
  • Evening (mid brightness, warm-temp, fan on)
  • Night (low brightness, warm-temp, fan off)

All of the scenes seem to work, but not the Day-scene for the lamp. If i cycle through the scenes, everything is switched according to the scene settings. But when i switch for example from night to day. Only the fan is switched, but not the lamp.

Is there any limitation on how many scenes a specific device can store?


I just read this thread: Scenes can be added but are not working - #5 by Swoop

I’m suspecting, that the lamp only supports 3 scenes, wich is not that much as it seems. But for my purpose it should be fine