Sonoff ZBMINI Group Binding support

I’m looking for a way to control my hue lights even if deCONZ is down.

I had the idea to install a Sonoff Zbmini in my ceiling near the lamp (got no neutral wire behind my wall switches, so that’s why I want to install it in the ceiling).
Then I want to make sure my Hue light bulb will be powered at all times.
Is it possible to group the Sonoff and the Hue light bulb so that they switch on together when I flip the switch, even if my deconz controller is down?

@manup can you answer this? Might be useful to document this as it’s quitet a common request.

Needs some tests, I’m not sure if the Zbmini supports group bindings in order to control groups directly.
However if it does we can use the same DDF mechanic as is used by the Kobold to specify the group to control.

Perhaps you can explain how @thefops can test about ourselves.

I don’t have the device myself yet, unfortunately…

That complicates …

I’m not sure if I’m gonna buy it, because I can’t seem to find if the sonoff supports long push actions…Wanted a long pus to start a dim action, but I think I need a dimmer dot that that also supports group binding

In that case, this topic is kind of obsolete. That’s the issue with the cheaper devices: you don’t know unless you have them. Not sure if Manup finds the time to figure it out. I think the new Kobold by Dresden-Elektronik is a better choice in that case :slight_smile:

Does the Kobold support dim action?
And I think it needs a neutral wire right?

I think so? Kobold Overview


I made this using Automation in Home Assistant.
But, I have have ZBmini so that if you want I perform some tests tell me what I have to do.