SONOFF SNZB-02 sensor control

Hi, new to Phoscon, got basics working and it’s great!
Have a SONOFF SNZB-02 sensor and it displays fine in the Phoscon app “Sensors”, incl. readout of correct temperature and humidity which I’m after. But when attempting to create a sensor control for a given (and present) light, it will not show in the list of available devices, which shows all other sensors and switches. Latest (yesterday) Raspi Image and Conbee II stick, everything else works just fine.
Searched everything incl. forum but only found ddf related stuff, but it looks I’m missing something basic, as the sensor itself shows just fine. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

in the vpn / phoscon deconz app, click each of the “read …” buttons of the sensor while simultaneously clicking the physical sensor button. Wait a moment between each item. Maybe it helps.

You mean in deconz.

Thanks a lot, very happy somebody helps!

Tried that, but to no avail. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, so I post some pictures. Tried to remove and re-instanciate sensor, which again worked like a charm, and as said, it does read values just fine, it just doesn’t appear in the list of sensors and I have no clue why.

Would programming a rule with the REST API help eventually? But should it not work in the Phscon app, as it is alive and kicking?

Phoscon probably needs to add support for this.

Now the same with aqara temp+humidity sensor. Detected just fine but not available in “Sensor Control”.
I don’t quite get it, it is just a simple rule, no? Should that not be a generically available feature, sensor delivers values, value threshold creates triggers…??
Will try to see if there are alternatives. If I was sure that it could be done with the REST API…but no time to waste.
Thanks for your support anyway.

Yep, that’s phoscon lacking support. I totally agree with you. You can do it using rest api. However, i can recommend you the hue essentials app which makes it easy to make such rules in deconz using the app. Even simpler than phoscon :slight_smile:

Oh - sounds great, I’ll try to figure it out, thanks!

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Just a thank you, works great now!

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