Some router devices in red state after power out

Today we had a faulty extension cord, which resulted in a power outage (earth leakage circuit breaker tapped in). After restoring the power, a bunch of IKEA lights are greyed out in the phoscon app, and in Deconz the link to these lights are not coming up. If i try to to reset the node in deconz, the gray dot turns yellow, and red after that.

I restored a backup with any result, did also a clean install of the docker container, also no result. I went through the manual how to get the node working, but i can’t find any explanation. Some of the lights are on, some are off, they have power.

I am at loss here… There is a lot of information in the logs, the erros that i can see :

17:03:14:133 0x90FD9FFFFE10A28E error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xD0 on task
17:03:16:442 0x6F0F seems to be a zombie recv errors 6
17:03:16:443 Node zombie state changed 0x000b57fffea039c7

after switching off and on, some lights reconnected, but some of them did not. These are the lights that are 'on; at the moment.