[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi + RaspBee II - HAOS Deconz integrations

[Newbie warning]

I am running HAOS (core-2021.10.6) on a Raspberry Pi (4, 8GB) and installed the RaspBee II hardware.

When I add the deCONZ integration for HAOS, I receive the following dialogue:

**_## Link with deCONZ

Unlock your deCONZ gateway to register with Home Assistant.

  1. Go to deCONZ Settings → Gateway → Advanced
  2. Press “Authenticate app” button

Couldn’t get an API key_**

How do I communicate with the RaspBee II to authenticate and adding the API key?

The instruction mention a file config.txt in the root of the SD card, no such file exist. There also is not /boot directory

Did you install the addon?

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Yes, I did. Device /dev/ttyAMA0 is checked. There are no values in the optional configuration options. The addon is started and show a green button in the top right corner.

The Phoscon UI top right corner shows

My internal network runs on

Do you eprhaps have Z2M or ZHA in use?

Hi Mimiix, none of the above.

Are you able to add devices to phoscon?

No, not able to add.

I am not sure how the raspbee works with HA as you need to set the things on that config.txt

Here’s someone who figured it out.

Hi @Mimiix, I am following the journey now logged on via ssh port 22222. On my Raspberry Pi 4, there is no config.txt file in the root.

Any suggestion what my next steps could be?

I am really not sure how HAOS works with that. Best is to ask at their help channels in this case.

Or perhaps someone reading allong knows how to do it. I’m sorry i can;'t be of more help :frowning:

Did you do this step?:

Hi @ich, thank you yes I have. The file config.txt is not present in the root of the SD card.

Do you use a Mac? This should not work. You need to put the SD back in a Windows system not check the file in root of the RPi.


Thank you for your guidance.

My raspbee II replace the Xiaomi GW and the Philips Hue, I am very pleased.

I beg the question though, why put a config.txt file in the root that cannot be reached by ssh or a samba share? I borrowed a PC to be able to reach the root directory.

On the SD card there is a mini partition that can be used under Windows and on which the config.txt is located. But only there the setting can be made. On the main partition is the Home Assistant which is a docker with limited access.

That you have to ask the home assistent devs :sweat_smile:

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