[Solved]Osram Smart Switch - how to connect to phoscon

hi experts,

I am trying to connect a Osram Smart Switch to the Phoscon app, but no device can be found. After reading here that some people have successfully connected these switches, I wonder if I am doing anything wrong: I open Phoscon, go to switches, and choose “other” for searching the device. After starting the search I bring the switch into pairing mode, but nothing can be found in Phoscon. Is there any step I am missing? Any input would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great Sunday!

PS: I have installed the following Phoscon version on a raspberry pi: deconz-2.18.02-qt5.deb

Solved - I confused the green / blue LED in pairing mode; only with blue LED it is in pairing mode… 2 switches added now successfully. Sorry for opening this topic.

No worries , happy it works!

It might help someone else later on :slight_smile: