(solved) deConz Migration from Raspi 4 to Synology VMM on Ubuntu

Hi all,
I want to migrate deConz with Conbee2 from a Raspi 4 to a virtual machine with ubuntu on a Synology DS-720+.
The Installation of the deConz program did work well , so I could go to the Phoscon App via Browser.
I have made a backup within the Phoscon App on the “old” system on the Raspi 4 and this backupfile I wanted to restore in the Phoscon App on the Synology. But all the sensors and lights from the old system didn’t appear in the new Phosco App.
Is there anyone who has experience with this item?
Best regards Paul

Mimiix has helped me in that issue.
The solution was the connection from the conbee2 usb stick in the Virtual Machine