Soil and Temperature Sensor

I purchased two soil moisture and temperature sensors through AliExpress. After the update to version 2.23.2, these are unfortunately only recognized as temperature sensors in the Phoscon app and also display an incorrect temperature. How can I change this behavior and also preserve the soil moisture value?
Can somebody help me please? Thank you!

Hello, what is the manufacture name/model id ?

Hello Smanar, thank you for your response.
manufactur name: _TZE200_myd45weu
manufacture Identifier: TS0601

Strange the DDF need to work, perhaps the problem is from phoscon.
Can you check direclty in the API using phoscon/help/API Information/sensors ?

This device need to have :


Perhaps you had an old version with an humidity sensor ?

Yes, i can see temperature und moisture:

Screenshot 2023-10-27 202012

And values are good for temperature and moisture ? (perhaps need a *10 or / 10)

Yes, I see all the values and they seem fine

But in the Phoscon app I only see the temperature values:

What’s going wrong???

The sensors arrived yesterday, it should therefore be a new model

I think it’s just because phoscon don’t support the moisture sensor.
You can use a third app, or “cheat” with converting the moisture sensor in the ddf in a himidity sensor.

However, the sensor was integrated in version 2.22.0:

Unterstützung für Tuya Bodenfeuchtesensor (_TZE200_myd45weu / TS0601) [#6839]
(DDF for Tuya soil sensor (_TZE200_myd45weu / TS0601) by BabaIsYou · Pull Request #6839 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub)

I think, this is an unaspected malfunktion. What do you think of with this new information?
How can i check, Phoscon using the rigth DDF or how can i export / import the right DDF?

This PR is the integration in deconz, not phoscon.
For me Phoscon just don’t support the ZHAMoisture, informations you are seen in the API are fine, so the DDF too.

Moved to phoscon feature request

Hello Mimiix,
i installed the new version 2.24.2 but nothing has changed.
I still can’t see the humidity levels.
Is this correct?

Nobody from Dresden replied or mentioned it should be supported now, so yes it’s expected.