Smoke sensor Angeleye Zigbee module ZBST-AE-630-EUR


I have smoke detectors Angeleye Zigbee module ZBST-AE-630-EUR.
Have Home Assistant with dresden elektronik ConBee II Zigbee USB Gateway (Deconz).
Only this does not work with the Zigbee network of the Deconz.
I did test it with the ics-2000 from KlikaanKlikuit ( KaKu ) ( Trust ) and it does work.
But for 2 systems next to each other, this can cause malfunctions.
Does anyone have a solution for this?
Maybe a driver update.

You need to request support for it if it isn’t supported for now. deCONZ works with a whitelist.

Dear Dennis, I had asked this via email support but was referred to new Forum


Then they misdirected you.

Here’s the procedure to request support.