Smart plugs' own power consumption?

Is it possible to configure any of the smart plugs with power/consumption sensors to also measure the devices’ own consumption? It would be pretty low for each device but still can add up.

I don’t think it works like that :thinking: perhaps if you can measure what it does you can calculate it.

Not sure I understand this?

But just to explain. The context is this other thread I started. Apparently some z-wave plugs have this feature. So I thought maybe some zigbee plugs do too.
Not terribly important. Just something I thought was interesting.

If you know what the measurement is (and know that this is always the same) you can calculate it in. If you know it takes 1.5w (for example) you can say the current load + 1.5w.

Zigbee doesn’t seem to have this, but I think you can work around like I explained above. Perhaps with a template sensor in ha.

I think most online zigbee devices like plugs only use about 0.5W to power the radio anyway. Possibly even less in OFF or standby state. :slight_smile:

Note: I can’t measure the consumption on my Voltcraft meter (it shows 0.0W but may not be accurate in the lower region).

I know some Z-Wave by Fibaro can do it, but it’s a device specific setting. So it is not about the protocol or the hub, it’s about the device.

This parameter determines whether power metering should include the amount of power consumed by the Wall Plug itself. Results are being added to the value of power consumed by controlled device.
Wall Plug - type E/F | FIBARO Manuals

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