SMaBiT AV2010/29A outdoor siren - how to start alarm?

Hi all,

i just received my second siren “SMaBiT AV2010/29A” (manual/image here)

The “old” model (without “A”) is on the “supported device list”, but I was still able to connect the device:

    "etag": "ea945cc395bfb7d7c27814e6aa01ebb2",
    "hascolor": false,
    "lastannounced": null,
    "lastseen": "2022-01-26T22:20Z",
    "manufacturername": "SMaBiT",
    "modelid": "AV2010/29A",
    "name": "Warning device 5",
    "state": {
        "alert": "none",
        "reachable": true
    "swversion": null,
    "type": "Warning device",
    "uniqueid": "00:12:4b:00:1f:f5:7e:53-01"

My indoor siren (HEIMAN) is shown in the same way an the alarm starts with the command “lselect OR select”
Sending the same command to the “AV2010/29A” I just hear one beep. Is there another command to turn on the alarm and light?
How can I find out what I should send? I am using Openhab to control my items.

It looks like the developers still need to make an adjustment to the integration here. Can you please follow the steps from here and provide the informations like screenshots from deCONZ:

Device isn’t supported yet.

is it enough here, or should I open a request?
I guess there is not much different to the old(er) supported device


Please read the post…

sorry, did just read “provide information”

Hope that its going to be supported soon

Don’t get your hopes up. There’s a lot of devices waiting and not all of them can be done in ddf.

I just checked the coding in rest_lights.cpp.
Seems that just the “new” device name is missing: The old siren is covered by the code (902010/29)
The name now changed. I compared the “Basic Information” for the new/old siren, so extending the “if” statement with the new device name should fix the problem.

If someone could compile me a new file I would test it again.

Have checked the code, I don’t think it’s possible to add this device using DDF because of the specific code part

        else if (alert == "select")
            task.options = 0x17; // Warning mode 1 (burglar), Strobe, Very high sound
            if (taskRef.lightNode->modelId().startsWith(QLatin1String("902010/24")) ||
                taskRef.lightNode->modelId() == QLatin1String("902010/29"))
                task.options = 0x12;    // Warning mode 1 (burglar), no Strobe, high sound
            else if (taskRef.lightNode->modelId() == QLatin1String("SIRZB-110"))    // Doesn't support strobe
                task.options = 0xC1;    // Warning mode 1 (burglar), no Strobe, Very high sound, Develco uses inversed bit order
            task.duration = 1;

It’s possible to add the device, but if it work like the old one, we can’t have same result.

I do not understand your answer.
The new modelID is missing, that task.options = 0x12 is set for this device. At the moment 0x17 is executed which doesn’t work.

Today I found out that the “blink” command turns on siren an light!
For the other commands it’s probably just a problem with duration.

Can we please keep the chatter to one channel, preferable github?

I’ll move this to device issues.