Silvercrest (Lidl) Outdoor Power Plug


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I bought a Silvercrest Outdoor Power Plug, it’s working, but only when I’m tap it directly (“Weihnachtsbaum”) in the webapp or Hue Essentials App. When I use the switch button of the group, it’s not working.

Maybe somebody can help me.

SILVERCREST Außen-Steckdosen-Adapter, ZigBee Smart Home SILVERCREST Außen-Steckdosen-Adapter, ZigBee Smart Home

Unfortunately, I can’t find the device in any of our compatibility lists so far.
How is it displayed in the deCONZ?
Which deCONZ and firmware version are you using?

Sockets don’t require support.

Version 2.19.02 / 19.9.2022
Firmware: 26720700

@Mimiix what do you mean with “Sockets don’t require support”?

If I click on the socket icon the sockets switch “on”

If click on the group icon, both the group icon and the socket icons are “glowing” - but the sockets don’t switch “on”

Please try deCONZ 2.19.3, the group controls are bugfixed there.

They are using a generic protocol that don’t require additional coding to get them working. They work out of the box. Only if they are non zigbee compliant, they sometimes do.