Silvercrest door contact disappears in phoscon app after it was detected

Raspberry PI 3 B; OpenHabian; Raspbee II (Firmware 266E0700);
Phoscon Version 2.12.01 / 14.6.2021

I try to identify the SILVERCREST door sensor (HG06336) via Phoscon Web App. After waiting a minute the sensor is detected and a green message appears „Sensor detected“ and “Sensor ready” .
But after hitting “OK” the sensor site keeps empty. No reload of the site or any other will show the sensor detected before.

For my interest I try to query all sensors via deCONZ Rest Api.
From there the newly detected sensor is available:

"6": { "config": { "battery": 100, "enrolled": 1, "on": true, "pending": [], "reachable": true }, "ep": 1, "etag": "faafdf6f7aac60639cc0a75071c461d2", "lastseen": "2021-07-13T17:40Z", "manufacturername": "LIDL Silvercrest", "modelid": "HG06336", "name": "OpenClose 6", "state": { "lastupdated": "2021-07-13T13:45:19.493", "lowbattery": false, "open": true, "tampered": true }, "type": "ZHAOpenClose", "uniqueid": "ec:1b:bd:ff:fe:aa:fa:91-01-0500" },

I also can add this sensor as thing in OpenHab (Bridge=>deCONZ). All channels works as expected. But the sensor page on phoscon web app remains empty.

It seems the device delivers API values. So you should use it right now in your OpenHAB.

You can also check if the sensor is listed in the Phoscon App Beta:

In the normal Phoscon App not all devices are whitelisted.

Thank you. As I said I could discover the sensor as thing in OpenHab via deCONZ bridge. But in in the phoscon web app I don‘t see the sensor. This is not as expected.
In an older installation of my raspberry with same sensors and raspbee II but an older phoscon app the sensors were all schown in the phoscon app.

Is there any log in phoscon app, from where I gonna get some infos about the cause. However I can use the sensors now.

In the /pwabeta I don‘t see the sensors, too. But good hint. Thank you for that…

In our latest version as same as in the beta your can go to “Help” → “API Information” → use the filter settings according to the desired device. There you can get the API Log for each device at least.