SHP-15 Default turn on mode

Is it possible to set SHP-15 to be ON after power cut?

Today I have a power cutdown and my fridge was without power supply.

I don’t think so. Normally you have the 0x4003 attribute for that. However, when i try to write it on my setup, i get unsupported attribute:

That basically means the device doesn’t support it.

I think you need to create an automation for this.

yeah, I did…

But last weekend there was no power - my server didn’t start up so HA also.
Effect? All stuff in fridge was defrost because switch doesn’t turned on.

I read that Z2M allow to set a behavior after power cut. Is it possible to have this option in deconz?

It seem on Z2m they use (for at least one Sp15 devices, so much clones) the attribute 0x8002 on cluster 0x0006 (on/off), 0 mean off, 1 mean on and 2 mean last state.

You have it too in the GUI, but not sure the device will support it.

I guess that device is not support it.

You are not on the good one, you are on the 0x4003 (PowerOn OnOff) ? try with the 0x8002 (Power on state)

It works.@smanar you are my hero :slight_smile: