Setting armmask for alarmsystem enforces "A"


I am testing the alarmsystem of deCONZ here based on V 2.13.0.
Setting an armmask value to anything without β€œA” (away) clears the field. Is this needed? As I know some users of my plugin will want to trigger alarms on certain vibration sensors when armed stay is on. Simple example : A vibration sensor on a cookie jar when the kids are home :wink:

I think setting β€œA” should not be mandatory?


Indeed, the β€˜A’ isn’t supposed to be forced. Not sure yet what’s happening there and will make a few tests.

Was hoping to see this updated in v2.13.2. Is it still on your list?

Ah damn, sorry this slipped through :frowning:
I’ll create an issue and assign it to the next version.

No worries Manuel, I know you are quite busy here :slight_smile:

Turns out it was a stupid copy paste mistake. Note the automation should work anyway. The bug returns the wrong armmask but data is still there and used for processing.

Glad it will resolve. Though the automation will work, my plugin cannot display the current setting to the user other then β€œnot set”, which - even for me - is a challenge :open_mouth: