Set default power on state for "Classic A60 W clear - LIGHTIFY"

Is it possible to set the power on default state for the Classic A60 W clear - LIGHTIFY?

It’s very annoying this light turns (and stays!) on after every short power outage.

Edit: had a look according to PowerOn settings for Lights - #4 by Smanar at the attributes in cluster 0x0006:

It seems like 0x4003 is performed.

Can you interpret these for me?

I fear the device does not allow to change these (not writable)… right?

What is “8001 Tuya special” (0x8002)?

Any hack (flashing the firmware or another cool deCONZ tweak) to force the light to change its behavior (prefered “last state”, even “off” is better than “on”)?

If I am not mistaken, with my bulbs I use the “On level” attribute in the “Level Control” tab

Note that it might be annoying during the day if they stay on, it might be the opposite during night :slight_smile:

Yes, When they are grayed it mean deconz have tried to read them and have failed.
Can be a false reaction, but you can read too attribute one by one, instead using the “read” button, more precise (you can have false result on doorlock for exemple if you ask too much attribute in same time)

That seems to not address the default state after a power cycle. It likely only sets the brightness, doesn’t it?

Also not documented @ Classic A60 W clear - LIGHTIFY - deCONZ REST-API.

Reading the greyed out attribute in the 0006 On/Off cluster is not working at all.