Sensors/Switches no longer executing actions from rules

I had that too, but i fixed it already.

I also noticed that my group names changed. Manuel is checking that to see how that could’ve hapenned.

So the problems where caused by not tested and broken DDF files? That should be fixed soon.

Is there any way to reset my configuration (rules, schedules…) but keep all my nodes connected to ConBee (no need to pair them again)?

Best would be to keep nodes and go back to a stable version, but I understood this is not possible with a backup & restore.

It looks like there is something more not working, the sensors (motion, temperature…) are not working, and when checking the Web Socket messages in Phoscon API while filtering one specific sensor is reporting even a “light event”.

It feels like I have some kind of primary/foreign keys issues here, cannot believe that it is correct here.

I’m not sure if i understand you,
the Hue motion sensors had a bug which was fixed later on, so they should work.

Either way, we are starting to turn into a issue thread for your specific setup and i kind of like to avoid that. Can we keep this on topic? If you have additional problems that are not related to the current topic, please open another topic in the correct categories.

Clear, makes sense.

Is there a way to reset all configurations but keep the nodes paired? I just need to get all my lights and switches/sensors working again.

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I am not sure. I think you need to create a script for that

Easiest way would be to get all rules:

And then loop trough it with:

Another thing could be to remove them from the database manually.

Please don’t delete any rules. For this time at least.
Could you send us a backup file to
for further invetigation.

Only “Gold” checked should be the right value in the DDF mode panel.

I have sent you a mail with last backups.

I have deleted one sensor (Philips Hue motion sensor) and joined it after, now this sensor works. This issue I noticed several times with last versions.

For comparison reasons I have downloaded the config JSON file before and after, possible there is something changed (beside the removing/joining changes). I can send this to the support address as well.

Difference I found so far: