Sensor control does not engage


I have a frient MOSZB-140 motion sensor that I would like to initiate the control of the brightness of dimmable lightbulb (OSRAM Classic B40 TW - LIGHTIFY) in one room. So just a typical use case I guess.

Unfortunately, the light shows no reaction to detected motion.

System is a Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbee II, Firmware 26780700, Deconz 2.25.0, deconz running in Docker.

In Phoscon, I created a group where I added said lightbulb. I added a sensor control to that group where I checked the frient device. In the device list as well as the sensor control settings, I can see the motion sensor showing motion but there is no action following. Also, after the end of the motion detection, I would like to resume to the last state, which may be OFF or any brightness value.

Do I miss something necessary for the configuration?

I found a workaround for the action upon motion detection.

When I added the presence sensors as Thing in Openhab, each of them had a “power” channel that apparently toggles if the sensor actually fires. So I configured an Item and then turned it on because by default it was turned off. Now the sensor control in Phoscon works almost as expected.
There is something like that documented for deCONZ (MOSZB-140 motion sensor pro - deCONZ REST-API ) but what I found looking like it was “false” und greyed out

What still does not work is to resume to the last state before the sensor fired. In the sensor control, one action is called “turn on group with last settings” which i reckon could mean what I itend to achieve. Unfortunately, already in September some other user was ignored requesting to be shed a light on what the actions actually mean and I second his hint on thin documentation regarding that matter.