Schneider Wiser Dimmer Puck weird On delay

I needed a dimmerpuck and stumbled upon the Schneider Wiser CCT5010-0002 but i couldn’t find any information on it being compatible with Deconz besides for a couple of forum topics on some Wiser products working through DDF, so i bought it in hope it was compatible with the existing DDFs.
After installation i got happy that Deconz found it and it worked, however there is an inconvenience that i have no ide how to debug.

There is a slight delay sometimes when i turn it on, about 1-10 seconds, this does not happen everytime which makes it even harder to debug.

I’m trying to locate the ddf on github to open an “issue”, however i can’t find it on github and the ddf just identifys as:
“schema”: “devcap1.schema.json”,
“manufacturername”: “Schneider Electric”,
“modelid”: “PUCK/DIMMER/1”,
“product”: “PUCK/DIMMER/1”,
“sleeper”: false,
“status”: “Draft”,
“subdevices”: [

If i look at the event api in deconz everything fires correctly, state changes immediately etc.
I got multiple other dimmers that works flawlessly so i don’t think the issue is the Zigbee network.

I have contacted Schneider / Wiser about this to find a solution here. We do not have the device in the house to perform tests of any kind. Please be patient.

Thank you, let me know if i can be of help.

Currently, I can only ask for your patience. I’m waiting for feedback from Schneider on this myself.

Have you experienced the same issue?

It seems that this device in handled directly by legacy code and not by DDF. That’s why you don,t find the DDF on github.

That would explain it, thank you.

Like I mentioned earlier: we don´t have the needed devices here, so we cannot reproduce the issue.