Schneider Wiser compatibility


How good are the Support of the Wiser series?
If I install the whole series in my house (in Sweden), can I expect Conbee II, Phoscon/DeCONZ + Home Assistant to manage all devices?

I successfully used the dimmer with built-in Zigbee, after Conbee II upgrade and updated the latest Docker image so I have the latest Phoscon/DeCONZ version too…

But, I’m not entirely sure about the rest of the products.

Can I expect support coming in time, or is it better to check compatibility lists and mix components?

Side note: I use to check this list, but it’s hard to get the full picture of the Wiser support by scrolling on my iPhone… :joy:

Lastly: if I should have it installed, can I help adding support? And how? Bringing logs or even learn how to code it myself (I’m a developer, but with little spare time and no experience in this kind of development).

I’m no power user in the backend side but you should be able to manage any device support by doing DDF (device description file) if support is not already there. And the upside is you can share it and the community will benefit

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Are there any good guidelines on how to do this?
Is it more or less adding a new file in a specific folder with a specific file name and file format/syntax?

I’m more in the planning stage, so, it’s not probably in the next few months, maybe after summer or so…

I’m having everything on my RPI 4+.
How do people generally do, do they do this on their production environments or do they setup a dev env on a laptop, for convenience?

I don’t really know much about the ddf flow. You can read more here DDF cheat sheet · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

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Seems like a good read. Almost want to buy another Conbee II-stick just to setup a dev env on a laptop, and test things out… :+1:

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I wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

Just a note:
We are in direct contact with Schneider / Wiser and have been able to integrate a lot of devices in the past year.
A list of all currently fully supported devices can be found here:

Much more is possible through DDF, of course.

Hi, this sounds positive.

I have some Schneider / Wiser switches installed which are powering some dumb light bulbs.
I’m using the deCONZ addon in Home Assistant, which works great, and for other devices of the Wiser line (temp/humidity and motion sensor) updates that occur are immediately updated within the Home Assistant interface.

The switches however, even though they work instantly when the switch is toggled within HA, physically pressing the switch to toggle on/off can take 5-30 seconds before the event is emitted back to deCONZ / HA to act on. These switches , while they work, are not listed in your supported devices. Would this be why?

Is there a way to increase what appears to be a polling frequency or to make any required adjustments so physical events are emitted in real time?

Ive gone into the deCONZ web app and can access the DDF menu and UI. If there is anything I can pull down from this to help the cause, let me know.

These switches , while they work, are not listed in your supported devices. Would this be why?

Supported device list is totaly out of date and lot of devices have native support

If you give the model ID we can check if there is an existing DDf or not for the device ? It probably use the native support.
Else it’s possible to decrease the report time using DDF (if the device support it)


Below are the 2 switches in question. Both emit the same delay problem. Does this provide the info you need?

Schneider Electric Wiser 40/300-Series Module Dimmer](Schneider Electric Wiser 40/300-Series Module Dimmer 41EPBDWCLMZ/354PBDMBTZ Zigbee compatibility ) → 41EPBDWCLMZ/354PBDMBTZ

Schneider Electric Wiser 40/300-Series Module Switch](Schneider Electric Wiser 40/300-Series Module Switch 41E2PBSWMZ/356PB2MBTZ Zigbee compatibility) → 41E2PBSWMZ_356PB2MBTZ

Ok, so model are


I have made a search and I don’t see specific stuff about thoses devices.

Do you have the GUI ? If yes sekect the node, select “edit DDF” and copy/paste the preview tab contain, we will see what we can try with it (Thoses devices don’t have DDF), but for me all need to work natively.

Here is what comes up for the dimmer. (similar attributes for the switch)


On the items page, for the on/off state attribute, it shows this.

Not sure if the interval in this instance relates/has any bearing on polling but it is taking longer than 5 seconds currently to reflect the hardware button press and the event being available to home assistant.

If it’s not supported, please open a device request on GitHub.

Device request done Schneider Electric Wiser Mech -> CH/DIMMER/1 · Issue #7275 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub