Schedule with timer not working

I created a simple schedule to switch a light off after 10 seconds.
I tried both via a group with a scene recall or via a state change of the lamp id.
Both cases did not work.
Running via in a terminal window via the command:

/usr/bin/deCONZ -platform minimal --dbg-aps=0 --dbg-info=1 --dbg-error=2

I saw the following error:
schedule was neither light nor group nor sensor request

This is the JSON I used to create the schedule using a scene via Postman:

    "name": "Lamp2Uit",
    "description": "Doe lamp 2 uit",
    "command": {
        "address": "http://<ip address>/api/<key>/groups/5/scenes/2/recall",
        "method": "PUT",
        "body": { }
    "time": "PT00:00:10"

Via Postman executing
http://<ip address>/api/<key>/groups/5/scenes/2/recall
directly did work.

I’m running version 2.17.01 / 01/07/2022
firmware 26720700

What is going on here?