Scenes can be added but are not working

I am using a Conbee II on a Raspberry 4 with Phoscon app (and Deconz in ioBroker).

I have two Tint-lights that I have included in one light group. I have set up scenes and everything has been working fine. Now, when I wanted to add additional scenes, I observed that new scenes can be added, but won’t work.
When I recall the scenes in Phoscon the sliders of colour/saturation/brightness show some random wrong state. The scene will not be started - no changes at the lights.

I have deleted the light group and added the lights to a new group. Here I observe the same behaviour. The first seven scenes are working. Bginning from scene #8 the scenes are not working.

I have added a HUE light strip to my system and all scenes work perfectly for this light. But for the existing Tint E27 bulbs I still have this issue. I already deleted the lights and added them again with the same effect. Only 7 scenes are working. No reaction to the 8th and following scenes.
Could this be a hardware issue or is the connection DeConz - Tint buggy?

The scenes capacity is probably exceeded.

I cannot imagine that it would be limited to seven?? Some reasearch on the internet did not give additional information.

But from technical side: I thought the scene-parameters are not stored in the lights but in the bridge. Am I wrong?

I cannot imagine that it would be limited to seven??

Why? Memory and functionality costs money and those lights are not at a premium price.
Had the chance to check out mine


Am I wrong?

Yes, you are :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!
Not the answer that I wanted to hear, but now I understand the behaviour.
I will look for other lights