Scenes (and groups) not working anymore

My environment:
Raspbee II, RaspBerry Pi 4B
Gateway version 2.24.2 Firmware 26780700
arround 30 Paulmann lights, 4 Osram plugs, 3 Busch Jäger switches

Everything has been working fine for 3 years.
After a restart all scenes were not working anymore.
All lights (in 4 groups) can be switeched and dimmed correctly using phoscon app, but scenes are not working anymore.

When selecting a scene in phoscon the scene in phoscon app is correctly visulized, thus, all lights visualized as on/off with according value in %.

But nothing happens to the lights.
When klicking on a light (on/off) or changing it’s intensity value the lights are siwtched and intensity is correctly set.

What I have tried so far without any effect:

  • reboot PI

  • update Phoscon

  • deletion of all scenes and cration of new scene

  • checked several attributes of devices with deconz:

    • scenes capacity limit not reached
    • all scenes in deconz deleted
    • read of attribute allways yields “scene valid = false”
    • after having added a new scene using phoscon a change of scene counts is observed in deconz
  • when clicking a scene or saving a scene in phoscon I get the following message in the info log:

17:00:02:732 add store scene task, aps-req-id: 21
17:00:02:885 0x0000000000000000 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xD2 on task
17:00:03:205 0x0000000000000000 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xD2 on task

according to Zigbee Error Codes in the Log · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub
this means
“## 0xD2 Zigbee broadcast table is full
This appears when too many broadcasts/group casts are send in fast succession.”

The same problem exists regarding all groups.

I have been switching all lights by scenes using Busch Jäger switches. Thus at the time beeing my system ist kind of useless because nothing can be switched by physical switches in the rooms.

I have no idea anymore regarding this problem. Any suggestions?

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@de_employees can you check in?

Sounds like a bug in the RaspBee FW to me. I would re install the firmware with GCFFlasher. The network settings are kept in deCONZ but I would recommend making a backup first.

Perhaps re-flashing resolves some hickups in the firmware if this caused the problems.

I experienced the same problem just this night.

Everything worked fine for months and all of sudden no scenes can be switched anymore. Similar setup, too. Rasperry Pi 4B, raspbee II, a lot of lights and window covering devices and busch-jäger mains powered switches. Nothing on the software side was changed from me before it happened.

Now I just updated everything on the pi, in home assistant and moved up to deconz 2.24.3. Sadly the problem is still there and my whole setup which depends on scenes is not working anymore.

Any news on this case here?

Same problem here. Setup is working for months and then suddenly, group actions are not working anymore. Individual lights are still working.

Also, the mentioned APS messages appear.

In my case, restoring a recent backup makes everything working again.

Problem occured to me again after working for weeks or months. It just started happening again without any changes made from my side.

Still no news?

Will try a Backup as suggested…

Restored the last working backup, but it still does not work. In addition (other topic / thread) the whole network looses connection to one device after the other.

Both cases seem to bei related to these “0x0000000000000000 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xD2 on task” described by the First poster, because they are in my logs, too.