Scene recall issue, lowest brightness

A few tuneable white lights are acting weird with scene recall. Using PI 4 with deconz 2.25.0/2.26.0 (issues observed with both, though the latest observations are from 2.26.0). The light is one of two on a Heimdall Pro controller, running the latest beta firmware 3.0.27. Controlling using the Hue Essentials app.

I should point out there are a number of other lights with the same setup that do not have this issue. :confused:


  • Add a multi CCT light to a group
  • Turn the light on, and to lowest dimming
  • Create a new scene using the current light state
  • Turn off the light
  • Recall the scene
  • The scene is recalled correctly, turning the light on and setting to minimum brightness
  • The light remains off

I tried deleting the scene and making new ones, but got the same behaviour. And in some cases the newly created scene seemed to disappear.

Additionally, if I then:

  • Turn the light on manually
  • Set high brightness
  • Recall the scene
  • The scene is recalled and the brightness dims to lowest
  • The scene is recalled correctly and the brightness is dimmed to lowest as expected

Then directly after if I:

  • Recall the scene again (while already dimmed)
  • No change – the scene has already been set
  • The light turns off

As a workaround I appear to be able to save the scene with 3% brightness for the light, and it’s fine… which makes me think there’s some special casing for the minimum brightness somewhere.

Any ideas?