Sandy Beach HY367 Radiator Thermostat

As per the rules, below is the link to the github device request.

If anyone requires more information, please let me know and I’ll do my best to gather it.



+1 for adding support for this, seems to be a popular listing for UK Amazon.

Looking at the screenshots it seems to report TS0601 and is a Tuya device, is there much variation preventing this device from integrating?

+1 for adding support for this
Bought some of the HY367 as they were listed as Deconz compatible on
Unfortuantely I can’t get them to pair.


The Blakadder site isn’t the official list.

Pairing should always work however, just not API usage/phoscon.

And for tuya need the manufacture name to know if the device is suported or not, the same hardware can have many off them, “TS0601” or " Sandy Beach HY367" can’t help us.

The “_TZE200_2atgpdho” is not supported.