Samsung motion sensor v3 no longer reports motion after 1 minute sins firmware 14

As the title implies there seems to be a bug or a problem with the Samsung motion sensor v3 when it is upgraded from firmware 12 to 14. On firmware 12 motion is reported as ongoing or “on” when you move around and stops or “off” when you stop. But sins firmware 14 the motion is reported as on for the first minute then off even if you are still moving. It will not report on again until you stop for 15-20 seconds (the cooldown period) and then move again. Rendering the sensor is pretty much useless and the lights will go off even if you are there.
I have tried the sensor in the smart things hub and there are no issues there it behaves as expected, there.
Then if I look in deaconz I can see that alarm 1 under iaz zone is still active after 1 minute so there it also seems fine. But the phoscon app and home assistant both report it as off/clear
Any help would be super appreciated and let me know what’s needed to teat or help.
The first issue I have had that I was not able to solve myself so new to this.

Does it now support restore reports? Check deconz GUI for that. And what is the model ID from the basic cluster?

The model Id is motion
The box for restore report is always checked in the gui. But alarm 1 is only checked if there is motion.

Here is The only photo I’m a awd to upload sins I’m new…:slight_smile:

Picture when motions is active

Picture no motion

Ok, that helps. It seems that Samsung made quite some changes (in the right direction I may add). I’m afraid you need to wait for the next beta version to be released. This is the PR that would also fix your case (don’t worry about the title).

@Swoop thanks for follow-up and that is great news. Will wait for the next beta and test that.

Now I just need to figure out how to not stand in the dark meanwhile…hmmm :blush::joy:

Well thanks will report here if the issue is resolved :slight_smile:

@Swoop not sure if you wanted confirmation but just making sure to thank you again. everything is working fine sins 2.13.02 and hopefully moving forward also :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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