RTX ZB-RT1 deconz

Hello. How I can pair zb-rt1 to phoscon app into my raspberry pi via deconz?
Is it possible?

The switch from Schneider Electric ? Or the Tuya TRV ?
Pls give more information.

If it’s the tuya TRv need the manufacture name (from the device on the zigbee network)

So, same problem, need a special PR was merged to be able to use DDF core for new TRV.

So can I connect this into zigbee network using only raspberry with conbee II and phoscon?

Impossible to say
Phoscon don’t support TRV.
And you need a PR be valided to be sure it will be possible to include it with the DDF core Add DDF for a Tuya TRV _TZE200_hhrtiq0x , and prepare the code to use it by Smanar · Pull Request #6674 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Tuya make lot of clone, without pairing it, not possible to know the model, for exemple this device can have at least as manufacture name

88teujp | _TZE200_c88teujp | _TZE200_azqp6ssj | _TYST11_azqp6ssj | _TZE200_zr9c0day | _TZE200_0dvm9mva

If you have one of the 2 first, it will be supported by c++ code, else need the DDF core.

I created a ddf file that I successfully loaded with ubuntu into the thermostat, but there was a problem. My target configuration, which is set up on rasberry, does not see the thermostat. The same steps I did on ubuntu I probably need to do on the raspberry on which conbee is installed via docker but without graphical mode I don’t really know how to do it. has anyone had a similar problem before?
I would like to integrate the thermostat with the loxone automation. i know i could buy a separate zigbee gate from tuya and connect it via iobroker to loxone, but that’s too many unnecessary bridges. after all, i have conbee for something :smiley:

Can you give the manufacture name ?
I can tell you if the code can support it or not, if the device is not in c++ code, not possible to make a DDF for it yet, need the PR was merged first (or you need to compile it on your side)


Ok so you can forget DDF for the moment sorry, need to wait for the PR was merged or need to compile it on your side. There is relay nothing in code for this device.