Roller shutter switch works in deconz but not in homeassistant or phoscon


I bought a roller shutter switch. This works well in deconz after I set the runtimes here. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to control this in Home Assistant.

If I press a button I got a error message like this (Home Assistant OS):
Fehler beim Aufrufen des Diensts cover/stop_cover. 3 /lights/9 resource, /lights/9, not available

What I have done yet in deconz:
set Calibration to “End”
set Calibration time (tenth of a second) to “400”

Test up, down and stop in deconz and its works

In Phoscon I get no error message.

Is there anything left to do in deconz?

Hello, If you use it in deconz it work for some time in phoscon/HA and stop working ? Or it never work ?
If I m right phoscon don’t support covering, but need to work in HA.
You can check direclty the API using phoscon/help/API Information/light, the device probably have the “reachable” field to false ?

Hello Smanar, thanks for reply.

It never works in phoscon/HA. First I add the device in phoscon and test it in phoscon and HA with no response. After that I look at the deconz preferences of the device and can use it there.

phoscon API output for the device:

“config”: {
“groups”: [
“etag”: “a680435a09af8b3a8056a5dd9b85a903”,
“hascolor”: false,
“lastannounced”: null,
“lastseen”: “2023-06-27T19:11Z”,
“manufacturername”: “_TZ3000_e3vhyirx”,
“modelid”: “TS130F”,
“name”: “Markise”,
“state”: {
“bri”: 254,
“lift”: 100,
“on”: true,
“open”: false,
“reachable”: true
“swversion”: null,
“type”: “Window covering device”,
“uniqueid”: “a4:c1:??:??:??:??:f9:14-01”

I make a HA Update and that restart the Server. Now it’s works… strange :smiley:

Hello back :wink:

Unfortunately I still have a problem with the home assistant switches for my roller switch.
One of the home assistant buttons of the roller shutter switch is not usable.
If I use the position mode, then I can drive it all the way up or down.
If I drive it not to 100% or 0% I can use all buttos. The Problem is that when ich drive to 100% (close) I can’t open it because the up button is grayed out. If I drive to 0% the closed button is grayed out. The wrong button becommes grayed out. I test it with 3 different (same model) roller shutter and
it is all the same :sob: . Is there anything to configure in Phoscon oder deconz to change this?

In Deconz it works perfect. I can press the up Button if the shutter is open but nothing happend.

Yet I know the diffrenz between home assistant and deconz. The value “Current Position Lift Percentage” in deconz is excactly the opposite of the value in Home Assistant. If i look at deconz I get 100 and in Home Assistant I get 0. Is there anay possibillity to correct that?

It’s probably because the device is reversed.
When you make a “open” command, it open the covering but you have as return open = false.
The HA plugin take care of this return to enable or disable the action, so if it have open = false, it disable the “close” command.

Do you have a way to reverse the covering, wiring, hardware procedure (with playing with command), zigbee request (you can find some of them in the GUI on the covering cluster), API request ?

If no, the last action possible is a DDF to reverse the return, but for that your device need to don’t use the tuya cluster (so a real covering device).

If you want to try the DDF, I wwill be happy if you can share the auto generated DDF, right clic on the node, “edit DDF”, on tab “preview”.
But it will act on all device with the same manufacture name, so if you have a device mouting dependent, this method can’t work.