REST-API for network-map

Please extend the REST-API to provide the list of connections between each device to give the users the opportunity to create a network map on their own.
deconz-gui is not a web-application and therefore not really usable on iPads and such devices.
With a headless raspberry it’s a pain to use deconz-gui over vnc :cry: .
The iobroker-zigbee-adapter shows such a map directly in the browser. I do not know which graph-api the zigbee-adapter-developers use, I would try highcharts.
This could be the 1st iteration, further more I recommend to provide ALL device information shown in deconz-gui by REST-API.

As mentioned on Discord, there’s a few PR’s already trying to implement this:

Not sure why they aren’t merged yet. Perhaps a @de_employees can give info on that :slight_smile: