Request device support: Tuya Multisensor

I have an new sensor which I can’t get working in the Phoscon App. I do see it in the Phoscon GUI via VNC and I put the DDF ‘_TZE200_bjawzodf_humidity_temp.json’ in the folder devices.
The device is perfectly running in OpenHab. It is just not shown in the Phoscon App.
Can you please add the sensor in the Phoscon App so I’m able to manage it from there and not only through the REST API?

Vendor: AliExpress Digitaling Store
Product: Tuya multi sensor
Manufacturer name: _TZE200_bjawzodf
Model ID: TS0601

If you need anything else just let me now.
Thanks a lot

Do you have the newest deCONZ version? Update deCONZ to v 2.23 at least or use the native android Phoscon app then it should be visible. It should at least appear in the Phoscon App Help → API informations.

@ChrisHae I was on 2.22.02. I did upgrade to 2.23 and there are show now! Thanks for integrating.
I like that there are more categories now for plugs and so on.
It would be great if the devices would be sorted alphabetically in every category.
Same for the groups in the main control view.

Thanks a lot!